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Part of our Limited Edition Deluxe Series, COZY is a unique scent combination inspired by summer visits to the Smoky Mountains. This warm and sophisticated fragrance blend is perfect to evoke feelings of chrysalism: coined by scientist, John Koenig, its the tranquility and peace felt when you're indoors - safe and warm - during a storm.


Presented in a dual-sided, peek-a-boo decorative gift box fitted exactly for the unique 10 oz nude matte glass tumbler, this candle will fill your area with comforting scents of wood and embers with hints of warm spices balanced by the calming tones of sage and eucalyptus. 


Scent profile:  sage,eucalyptus, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, tonka, blue ridge timber, smoky embers


3 Ten's Deluxe products are fragranced with unique scent combinations based on scientific findings linking scents and emotions in addition to cultural interpretations of fragrances.  In COZY:


  • Sage and eucalyptus oils stimulate and clarify the mind to enhance memory recall
  • Tonka and vanilla oils promote calm and relaxation
  • Blue ridge timber oil invites the slightly moist and sweet woody smell associated with campfires - or the Smokys


Fragranced with phthalate-free oils, this non carcinogenic candle provides a distinctive yet unobtrusive scent free of toxins allowing even those sensitive to scented areas to enjoy this experience.   


Enjoy your candle in a US crated nude matte glas tumbler perfect to reuse after the 50-60 hr. life of the candle.


Want to try this scent before committing to a full-size candle?  Purchase a scent sampler here.

COZY | 100% Soy Candle | Small-batch Hand-poured with Natural & Essential Oils

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