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3 Ten Candles

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3 Ten Candles provides customers with eco-friendly, hand-poured, luxuriously fragranced candles that offer present yet unobtrusive aromas.

  • We offer Custom Scent candles where we design unique fragrances tailored to the desires of our clients.

  • We have a complete ecommerce store offering our original six Signature Scents and rotating limited edition Deluxe Scents. These products are also available at wholesale prices for retail sales.

  • We partner with nonprofit organizations in Candles for a Cause where we create a Custom Scent candle and give 30% of all sales to the collaborating organization.

Our scents are intentionally crafted to steer and guide emotional wellbeing and balance by tapping into the scientific link between scents and emotions. Made from 100% soy wax, lead-free wicks, and inspired blends of phthalate-free fragrances, our candles provide a clean, non-carcinogenic, and eco-friendly burn. Presented in decorative vessels, our 4oz and 10oz containers are completely reusable after the life of the candle.

Scent Services


Custom scent candles are an upscale and unique way to add a personal touch to your business. We work with you to create a signature scent then put your logo and marketing info on our label to produce an organic, 100% soy candle that can be used for corporate branding, corporate gifting, swag bags, marketing, fundraising, retail sales, and more. For a $49.95 customization fee, we'll discuss your fragrance preferences and desires then send you three scent options in the form of wax melts. Once your final scent is determined, we'll finalize vessel, candle name, label, and packaging. With a minimum order of 12 candles, your products will be shipped or delivered within 30 days of order (only $19.95 delivery fee for west central FL). Estimated price per candle is $7.50-$9 (4oz)/$14-$18 (10oz) - final pricing per candle will be determined by vessel, packaging, and fragrance combination.

3 Ten Candles  
Product Details

DIY Candle Pouring

All products are made by 3 Ten Candles founder, Doricha, in her home office, kitchen, and studio. Uniquely combined fragrances are small-batch measured and tested to ensure quality before being added to 100% pure, melted soy wax. Candles are hand poured into creative and decorative vessels then cured for 10-14 days before final packaging and shipping/delivery.


While we will suggest vessels according to our expertise, we are always open to researching and acquiring unique containers to best suit your brand or event.

We love gathering inspiration from other brands but prefer to build unique scent profiles rather than copying other brand's established scents.



"3 Ten" refers to the action of deep breathing recommended to fully experience the emotional benefits of each scent. While fine-tuning scent combinations, Doricha found her mood would alter quicker if she inhaled for a count of ten then exhaled for a count of ten - three times in a row.

Emotional Wellness candles allows customers to be in touch with and subtly alter their emotions in a natural and unintrusive manner while building a healthy habit. The more these scents are used, the more you'll look forward to them to trigger specific desired emotions.

Customizable Products

While these are our stock vessels, we are happy to find unique vessels to brand if needed.  Additional fees may apply.

 Vessels pictured below come in a range of colors - availability based on stock of our suppliers.




Vessel pictured above is nude, matte glass and comes in additional colors. Color selection based on stock.

This vessel can stand alone or come in a decorative dual-sided peek-a-boo box.


$16-$18* each | 12 units

$15-$17* each | 24 units

$14-$16* each | 48 units


*price dependent on final fragrance, packaging and vessel choice




Vessel pictured above is a gold, lidded tin container and comes in additional colors.

Color selection based on stock.


          $8-$9* each | 12 units

$7.50-$8.50* each | 24 units

          $7-$8* each | 48 units


*price dependent on final fragrance, packaging and vessel choice

4 Steps to
Custom Scent Candles



Through email or DM, we'll chat about your desired scent profile. Want a scent that connects to your region? A scent that says "home"? Let's make your brand a scent!


Contact us at or find us @3tencandles on Instagram to get started. Once we chat about your fragrance desires, we'll start working on your unique recipes.



After receiving your $49.95 customization fee, we'll send you 3 custom fragrance options and vessel ideas. Your custom fragrances come in the form of wax melts; burn 1 to 4 at a time to customize the intensity.


Once we have your final choice for fragrance, candle name and vessel, we'll work to determine how many candles you'd like to order and final pricing. Minimum order is 12 candles.


Time to CREATE

With fragrance, candle name, and vessel chosen, we'll insert your company logo and send you a label proof. Once approved, we'll create your candles. Our candles need curing time so we guarantee products within 30 days of final payment.


Within two weeks of final payment, we will send you a sample candle and two wax melts for you to enjoy.



Candles will arrive within 30 days of final order and payment. Candles will be individually wrapped and packaged, insured, and shipped USPS Mail. If local (within 75 miles of Brandon, FL) we will deliver for only $19.95.


Candles are used by 7 out of 10 households and 55% of households purchase them monthly. A customized, luxury organic candle is a PERFECT addition to your business.

General Ordering Information

  • Opening order minimum is 12 candles. Reorder minimum is 12 candles. Returning clients with their same Custom Scent do not need to pay an additional customization fee for re-orders.

  • We accept payment via credit card for Custom Scent candles. Payment is due in full before the order is created. Clients will receive emailed invoices for their Custom Scent fee and Custom Scent orders.

  • For those in central Florida, orders are delivered within 30 days of payment. All other orders ship insured within 30 days via USPS Priority Mail from Brandon/Tampa, FL.


  • We always want our customers to be satisfied. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us at and we will get you squared away.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please allow up to 30 business days for production and final delivery. Lead times may increase during peak season; you will be notified if this occurs.

  • We are happy to find alternative vessels; additional fees may apply per candle with transparent pricing before placing orders. We are happy to use client's personal or in-house labels; in this event, please supply us labels so we can present you a complete product upon delivery.

  • Damaged items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless damage occurs during shipment/delivery. Photo verification of all damaged merchandise is required within 24 of delivery/72 hours of shipping. Verified damaged items will be credited towards your next order.

  • We strongly recommend displaying samples of each fragrance that's easily accessible for customers to smell. Candles should be stored at or below room temperature, away from windows and direct sunlight.



IG/FB: @3tencandles

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Our Story


During her stage and academic careers, Doricha always utilized scents to help enhance her life. When meeting her fiancé six years ago, she stopped using home fragrances due to his high sensitivity. During the 2020 Stay-at-Home months, Doricha decided to research fragrances, their emotional and psychological connection, and try to create her own signature scent. By late-2020 she had figured out how to create "clean" scents and began refining their profiles through soy - the cleanest method she found to transmit scents purely. In early-2021 she started giving out scented candles and based on the favorable reactions by family, friends, and test groups, she formally formed 3 Ten Candles in July 2021. During the 2021 holidays, Doricha partnered with a small business to create a Custom Scent for an event; the collaboration was so rewarding and successful, a new segment of the business was formed allowing her to tap into a lifelong love of creative development and service.

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