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Our 4 oz. CALM candle features a blend of  top, middle, and bottom scents that are proven to promote peace and calm.   It's the perfect size to discover a new scent, for travel, or for small spaces such as craft studios or offices.


Let your mind unwind and your brain relax as the combination of:

  • cardamom
  • violet 
  • palo santo
  • sandalwood
  • smoke 
  • wood


Hand-poured, all-natural, soy candle filling areas with a scent evoking peace and unwinding - both lit and unlit. 


This size is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, dorm room, yoga studio or patio...and great for traveling or as a small hostess gift.


Fragranced with a phthalate-free oils and providing a complete non-carcinogenic experience, this candle will be your new favorite when wanting to take a moment to illuminate your emotions.


Enjoy your candle in a decorative gold tin  perfect to reuse after the 15-20 hr. life of the candle

CALM 4oz Candle | 100% Soy Emotional Wellness Candle | Organic, Hand-poured

  • Light candle and allow fragrance to saturate your space.  Once you smell the aroma, inhale for 10 seconds then slowly exhale for 10 seconds--repeat three times.

    Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4-inch before each use for optimal burning.  

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