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A gift box sampler is a perfect introduction to our products and scents.   Your choice of a 4 oz candle in our decorative signature gold container along with your choice of 4 sample scents.  Scent info and a special discount code for your next purchase is all packaged in a decorative 8x6x4 black box.  This gift is a wonderful token of appreciation for any time of the year.  


Your candle and sample scent choices come from our Signature Scents and rotating Seasonal Deluxe Scents:


Signature Scents

  • BE STILL (mood=reflection & gratitude)
    • Scent profile: mandarin, jasmine, amber, sandalwood, smoke, musk
  • BLISS (mood=happiness & calm joy)
    • Scent profile:  cyrpess, fir, dark plum, cinnamon, saffron, wood
  • CALM (mood=grounded inner peace)
    • Scent profile:  cardamom, violet, palo santo, sandalwood, smok, wood
  • CLARITY (mood=refresh & renew - perfect to start your day)
    • Scent profile:  lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, jasmine
  • FOCUS (mood=creativity & concentration)
    • Scent profile:  lavender, amber, musk, vetiver
  • TRANQUILITY (mood=anti-stress & anti-anxiety)
    • Scent profile:  bamboo, coconut, lemon, cedar, eucalyptus, patchouli, embers, spearmint


2022 Spring/Summer Deluxe Scents

  • AMOUR (a celebration of love)
    • Scent profile:  Bulgarian rose, amyris, mashmallow milk, amber, black currant, tonka, anise, eucalyptus
  • COZY (capturing the tranquility and peace you feel when you're indoors during a thunderstorm)
    • Scent profile:  sage, eucalyptus, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, tonka, blue ridge timber, smoky embers
  • FLORIDA SANDS (the peace, scents and beauty of the Florida west-coast beaches)
    • Scent profile:  lemon, sea salt, orange blossom, lilac, jasmine, fresh greens, amber, tonka
  • GULF COAST BREEZES (bring the memories home with a scent that conjures the lure of the coast)
    • Scent profile:  lily of the valley, moss, crisp greem vine, white musk
  • MOTHER'S LOVE (gentle and sophisticated - like a mother's love)
    • Scent profile:  pear, agave, poppy, tuberose, orchid, rose, seaside, powder, dark musk, amber


3 Ten's products are fragranced with unique scent combinations based on scientific findings linking scents and emotions. 


Fragranced with phthalate-free natural and essential oils, our non carcinogenic products provide a distinctive yet unobtrusive scent free of toxins allowing even those sensitive to scented areas the ability to enjoy our aromas.


All products are made from 100% soy wax; each scent sample comes in a disposable 1 oz container and 4 oz candle come in a reusable container after the  20-25 hours of burn time. 


If you'd like to include a gift messge, you may do so where indicated (up to 150 characters) - no extra charge.

Scent Sampler Gift Box - Create the Perfect Gift Box

  •  Since there are no additives in our products, wax melt samplers may be a little soft.  We recommend squeezing scent sample directly into wax melt warmer from container; once done with scent, freeze cooled wax before removing from wax melt warmer.

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