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Part of our Candles for a Cause series, BUILDING 8 is a unique scent combination created to represent the creative energy and talents of Pinellas County Center for the Arts (PCCA), a free, audition-based performing arts school in St. Petersburg, FL.  This limited edition custom scented candle is a partnership effort where 30% of each sale will be donated to PCCA from 3 Ten Candles. 


Representing the colors of PCCA, the candle is presented in a reusable black lidded container and will fill your area with a comforting yet uplifting scent combining grounding notes of sandalwood and santal  with balanced aromatic hints of vanilla, orange, and orchid. 


Scent profile:  valencia orange, nutmeg, lily, tonka, shea butter, sandalwood, santal, coconut, orchid, honey, and vanilla.


3 Ten's products are fragranced with unique scent combinations based on scientific findings linking scents and emotions in addition to cultural interpretations of fragrances.  In BUILDING 8 you'll find:


  • Orchid, lily, and nutmeg oils stimulate mental peace while invigorating gratitude
  • Coconut, sandalwood, and santal oils balance the mind and promote relaxation
  • Vanilla and honey carry strengthening and calming properties often associated with feelings of home and comfort.


Fragranced with phthalate-free oils, this non carcinogenic candle provides a distinctive yet unobtrusive scent free of toxins allowing even those sensitive to scented areas the ability to enjoy this aroma for the 20-25 burn time of the candle. 


The young committee who collaborated on the creation of the scent wished to capture the scents of all artists - behind the scenes as well as the stage performers - while embodying the inclusion and special bonds found within arts organizations.  


Funds gathered from this fundraising effort will go towards supporting the students, artists, instructors and programs in the following arts majors: Visual Arts, Musical Theater, Performance Theater, Technical Theater, Instrumentalists, Vocal, and Dance. Funds will help raise awareness of the incredible events and programs held on the PCCA campus; raise funds to support the workshops and programs available for PCCA students; and to help with facility and equipment upgrades in the two theaters located on the PCCA campus.

Building 8 Candle | Candle for PCCA | Organic - Natural & Essential Oils

  • Candle will be shipped to the address you provide within 10 business days.  

    Best Use

    Light candle and allow fragrance to saturate your space.  Once you smell the aroma, inhale for 10 seconds then slowly exhale for 10 seconds--repeat three times.

    Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4-inch before each use for optimal burning.   

    Once done with candle, we hope you'll reuse the vessel.  

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