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New Year - Better You

Around December 27, we get saturated with new year's resolutions - lose weight, get healthy, drink more water, stop smoking, save money...we all know. The first week of January arrives and everywhere you look it's "new year, new you". Then there are those going against the norm and saying, "new year, same you". Well, like most things, if you sit back and really consider it, the best choice is in the middle. I believe in both. Afterall, repetition is truly mundane (no matter how fabulous you are), but the implication of needing to be a 'new you' is a bit sorry - as if overriding all your accomplishments of the previous year.

I think the start of a new year is a time to really show how much you love yourself because it's a time of honest reinvention, rediscovery, and renewal. The ability to step back and look at yourself, your life, and figure out what can be better is a beautiful and necessary part of self-discovery. Nothing grandeur, just things you can actually set about doing each and every day - and feel good doing it. So let's start the journey to the real 2022 version of you.... Not new. Not different, just better.

How do you step back and figure this out? Let's start with a simple exercise in true self appreciation. It's one that you could do once a month..... Write an "I'm Great At..." list. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Consider yourself as a friend

    • I'm great at listening to ________

    • I'm great at getting everyone pumped up!

  • Consider yourself as a parent

    • I'm a great emotional provider to my children even during times of financial strain

    • I'm great at baking my son's favorite brownies

  • Consider yourself as a sibling

  • Consider what you bring to your marriage/relationship

  • Consider how you take "me time"

    • I'm great at shutting down on weekend mornings...even if that means I sometimes sleep until 10am :-)!

  • Consider what you bring to your family

  • Consider yourself at work/in your career

  • Consider your hobbies/past-times

Choose 3-5 from the list that make you feel best. How can you improve upon what you're already bringing into the world? For example, if you listed that you're a great baker, maybe you could learn to bake something more challenging, learn to bake your girlfriend's favorite dessert, take a baking class, or open a custom cupcake company as a side hustle. Go ahead, let your mind wander and consider...that's how you begin rediscovery, reinvention, and renewal. Go ahead, take a weekend or a week - time to start thinking of a better you.

While you're writing this list, burn a 3 Ten Candle....Clarity or Be Still would be perfect for this!

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