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3 Ten Candles is a luxury, organic candle company offering products with specially formulated, science-based fragrance blends to support your emotional health.  

Offered in unique Signature & Deluxe Scent fragrance combinations, our decorative products are an everyday pleasure for those seeking present yet unobtrusive, eco-friendly scents that promote emotional wellness.

We also offer Custom Scent candles where we'll work with you to create your own customized signature scented candles.  

Learn more about our Signature Scents

Candles that ask you to be ACTIVE...

Actively Breathe the Fragrance. 

Enhance Your Mood. 


3 Ten Candles provides customers with eco-friendly, hand-poured, luxuriously fragranced candles that go further than merely scenting a room—the scents are intentional to steer and guide emotional well-being and balance throughout the day.   Tapping into the scientific link between scents and emotions, products are offered in signature scents utilizing fragrances proven to enhance the psychophysiological link for mind and body wellness.  Products invite consumers to participate in the scents by promoting deep breathing of the fragrances which will further stimulate emotional health.

"I just received a Tranquility candle as a gift, and I LOVE it! I have never been able to tolerate scented candles (to the point of crossing to the other side of the street when passing Yankee Candle or the like), so I'm happy to be able to enjoy them now.  THANK YOU"

- Amanda H.

"Love these candles! They smell great, I love the container they're in, and they arrived very quickly!"

-- Emily M.

"My employees love these candles.  So easy to work with and smell great."

- Elizabeth P.

"These candles smell amazing! They come in a very pretty tin. Can't believe they work! It was a pleasure working with 3TenCandles!"  

- Liz R.

"My kids and I love the Focus scent and I can't believe how great they are in my classroom."

- Jennifer J.

"My go-to company for gifts. We love getting our candle gift box in the mail. Highly recommend."

- Skyler B.

Product Features

100% Nautral 1

Finest Materials

Soy wax, no carcinogens, phthalate-free fragrances, lead-free wick

Perfume Bottle

Signature Scents

Scents to match scientifically tested fragrances that link specific emotions with olfactory triggers.

Campfire Badge White

Excellent Burn Times

4oz candles burn 20-25hrs

9oz candles burn 40-50 hrs.

10oz candles burn 50-60 hrs.


Quality Décor Containers

All containers are heavy glass or tin which can be reused after the life of the candle.


Supreme Gifts for All

Perfect to gift - to others AND yourself!


Easy to Mix & Match

Use in multiples or mix to use morning, noon, and night.  However you choose!

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